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Ways Anybody Can Employ in Dealing with Death

Everybody at some point in their lives will certainly encounter death in the household. It’s inevitable. Death is a part of life and is a subject that strikes our minds, but we try as hard as we can to avoid it. It may be because we are afraid of death.

Ami Shroyer who is a musician known for her uplifting songs has come up with ways of dealing with death. She goes ahead to state that they helped her in a big way.

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We are all different beings with different personalities on how we handle the loss of a loved one. Ami Shroyer writes in her songs of the significance of crying to deal with the pain of losing a loved one. This will go a long way in reducing the pain you are going through.
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Spend Some Time with Your Loved Ones

It will help to be with your family in this trying time because you can speak about memories you had with your loved one.

Get Preoccupied

Preoccupy your mind with something. Don’t get stuck on the loss you have experienced. Your loved one is gone and you cannot bring him or her back by forgetting your priorities and ruining your health.

Find an Activity to Express Your Grief

Besides crying, be innovative and do something which is going to let you express yourself in channelling your despair. For Ami Shroyer, she found the beauty of expressing her grief through singing and writing uplifting songs which help people dealing with the loss of a loved one. You should also do the same in your own creative way.

Surround Yourself with Friends

You should surround yourself with people and friends whom you can talk with about anything under the sun. Sharing that experience that is painful and talking about different things could help you in forgetting the pain for a while rather than dwelling on it.

Talk to People Who Have Had the Same Experience

Communicate with people who have also gone through the same experience of coping with grief. This method will help you cope with your loss. Talking to people that have lost a loved one also shows you that it can happen to anybody out there.


This is the best way of addressing a loved one’s loss. It gives us some relief knowing that our loved ones are with our Lord Almighty.

Always bear in mind that, that rebirth is spoken of widely in the Bible and that the soul of a departed one is with us always. Have hope that soon, you will meet again in heaven.